Stationery That Moves

February 23, 2017

by Lance Parman

Your corporate stationery package—business card, letterhead, and envelope—can say a lot about your business. Are you conservative or creative? Do you focus on B2B or B2C? Are you a small business or a global enterprise? Your stationery design tells prospective customers a lot about you, so it's important to make sure it's saying the right things.

But it's a digital world, you say. Business cards are old school. True, but they're not obsolete. The fact that they are not as commonplace as they used to be means they have more impact. Handing someone a business card that is high quality, unique in it's design, and memorable can give you a competitive advantage by turning a casual introduction into something more.

How do you pull your corporate letterhead and business cards out of the practical realm of cheap paper and black ink? Consider the following:

1. Competitive Color

The colors used in your corporate business card, letterhead, and envelope should be chosen to create consistent branding and to stand out. Be mindful of the colors used in your company logo and make sure you don't deviate from those standards. Depending on the type of business you are, the addition of a bold color might help you stand apart and communicate a fun, personal culture that is appealing to your customers. Just be careful to avoid things that could cheapen your image. Nobody needs a neon yellow business card.

2. Paper Impression

You would never try to impress a new client by wearing a cheap suit. In the same way, the quality of the paper you choose will say something important about the business who sent it. Clients can immediately tell the difference between thick, quality paper and cheap photocopier paper. One communicates quality and professionalism, the other makes you appear cheap. In a business environment that is more competitive than ever, details matter.

3. Practically Legible

While a good designer can do amazing things to make a standard business card or letterhead design unique, let's not lose sight of their purpose. Stationery exists for the purpose of business correspondence and sharing important contact information. That means that your letterhead and envelopes should fit easily into your printer and your business card should contain all the relevant information that clients will need. Form and function are both equally important.

4. Design Driven

Showcase your company culture. Good, creative design can communicate in unspoken ways by portraying your business' personality. Are you a law firm? A clean, dignified design can express stability and credibility. Are you a retail shop? Choose a design that showcases your niche and appeals to your target customer. Your goal is to stand out from the competition and help people remember you. A unique design can transform a standard business card into something much more.

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