The Microbiology of the Integrated Media Plan

November 22, 2016

by Hillary Sibary

I started thinking back to the days in school when we were all taught that the human body consisted of over a trillion cells, each with a different structure and ability to carry out a specific function. We learned that even the specialized cells are limited to what they can do on their own. The grand survival of a human body relies on the teamwork of all the specialized cells to carry out life functions like digestion, breathing and circulation. Our core, the torso that makes up each one of us is a complex machine and the way it works together is what makes us individual… makes us stand out from every other human being.

I can't help but feel that a sensibly prepared media plan is just about the same as a human body. Like the cells, each advertising medium must be integrated into the plan for a specific function and when they are holistically planned, each will support and reinforce one another.

In the life of an integrated plan, one advertising medium's weakness is another's strength. Keeping in mind that we need to consider the following when preparing our advertising plans: reach (the number of individuals you want to expose your message to through a specific medium) and frequency (how many times, on average, should the individuals in your target audience be exposed to your advertising message).

Let's pair TV and Outdoor together against Radio. Both TV and Outdoor have broad reach and gain an advertiser a vast exposure in a market, yet can be costly and you cannot target a specific demographic. Radio is a good offset to these options and can be a supplement to adding the targeted frequency in the plan at a lower cost.

In today's society, the key to advertising is to be in front of the target market using the appropriate ad mediums at the exact time that they are consuming that medium. An advertiser needs to study the behaviors of their consumer and chart a “day in the life” plan. Coordinating the placements of select media and the right time of day in the right location is going to be the prescription for success.

Imagine driving home from work: You pass a billboard on the highway. Then what comes on the car radio but a commercial for that same company or product you just spotted. Then after dinner, your watching TV with the family and that same message airs during your favorite prime time show. Crazy to think, but that was all a plan to keep that message in front of you throughout the day.

The synergy of an integrated media plan is ultimately the harmony of all the advertising methods working together. Like the cells in your body, the integrated media plan comes together with precision, making your advertising efforts speak and breathe your client's brand message.

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