Internet Explorer is Finally Dead

January 8, 2016

by T.M. Camp

Consumerist is reporting that Microsoft will issue their final support patch for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10.

Technically, this isn’t exactly breaking news. Microsoft announced in 2014 that they planned to stop supporting Internet Explorer… eventually. And even though they’ve taken their time, this latest announcement solidifies the long-outdated browser’s fate.

And it’s very bad news for the projected 340 million people who still use IE as their primary browser.

There’s no telling how many companies rely on IE, but I know first-hand of at least two major organizations with hundreds (if not thousands) of people who have to fire up IE on a daily basis because of outdated internal systems and legacy software that simply will not run on modern browsers.

IE isn’t going away of course. People and companies will continue to use it, despite the increasingly unstable security holes it will leave open for hackers.

Over the years, I’ve begged clients to leave Internet Explorer off of their list of required browsers. Since Microsoft never bothered to make IE compliant with modern web development standards, it’s been the bane of existence for anyone doing serious work to make the Web work the way it should.

So this is good news. People now have one more reason to finally stop using IE and join the rest of us in the modern world. Here’s hoping they actually do.

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