Marketing as a Team Sport

December 15, 2015

by Lance Parman

I remember my first job in an advertising agency. The process for working with a new client was fairly straightforward. The agency’s account executive would meet with the client’s marketing director. The two would get to know one another, pour over industry data, discuss business goals and objectives, and develop a marketing communications plan that the agency use to create concepts for a new advertising campaign. Then came the big reveal. The work was presented to the CEO and executive team.

A slam dunk? Not always.

Over the years we began to see the flaw in the way marketing was handled in many organizations (and by many agencies). We altered our approach and found a much more effective process: collaboration.

You see, most of the time our team worked exclusively with the marketing director to develop the objectives and strategy for marketing. After all, that is the marketing director’s responsibility. But in reality, marketing impacted the entire organization, sometimes in ways we never could have imagined. By excluding other departments from the process, we were working in a vacuum and making important decisions without any idea of their effect on other areas of the business.

Today we do things differently. New client relationships involve working with a leadership team that can represent and speak for every area of the organization. Brands and marketing strategies are fleshed out with all the decision-makers at the table. It’s a unique process that took time to perfect, but the results are consistently positive. We encourage each area of your organization to be represented—sales, operations, financial, manufacturing, etc.—in the development your organization’s brand strategy. As a result, a more comprehensive plan emerges that meets the needs of the whole organization.

Best of all, there is buy-in throughout the organization before the new advertising campaign is even launched. Each department understands the strategy and supports the plan because they were involved in it’s development.

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