Agency means power.

Put ours to work for you.

Nearly 25 years ago, we began as a fairly traditional little agency—not too different from the others that were springing up around West Michigan at the time.

Since then, Gazillion & One has evolved into a powerhouse firm where the analytical mind and the creative spirit come together in a rare and potent collaboration.

You can see it in our work. It's there in the alchemy of our team. You can feel it in the air when you walk through our building.

Gazillion & One is a catalyst. We deliver the spark that transforms your brand, elevates your message, expands your reach, and forges new connections between you and your customers.

The Team

Lance Parman, President
Lance Parman
President, Creative Director
Jaynell Hogan, Vice President
Jaynell Hogan
Vice President
T.M. Camp, Consumer Engagement Director
T.M. Camp
Consumer Engagement Director
Jim Meskauskas, Mediologist
Jim Meskauska
Hillary Sibary, Media Manager
Hillary Sibary
Media Manager
Elizabeth Hoezee, Graphic Designer
Elizabeth Hoezee
Graphic Designer
Martin Ryerson, Accounting Assistant
Martin Ryerson
Accounting Assistant

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