Launching a nationally recognized culinary school

We developed a brand to help a new school make their mark in the industry.


In 2007, the Culinary Institute of Michigan opened the doors, offering students a world-class culinary arts education from experts in the field.

Gazillion & One developed a new brand to get the school a seat at the table and compete with the biggest players in the country.


A brand that marries artistry with business

We developed a culinary brand that embodies the school's fusion of culinary artistry and business-minded savvy. The marketing campaign delivers a rich palette of images—both food and environment—paired with a practical sensibility for the business of food service. The result is a melding of liberal arts and hands-on prowess.

Now with two locations at full capacity for enrollment, with their students consistently dominating regional and national competitions, and their alumni being placed in high-profile positions throughout the country… The Culinary Institute of Michigan is well on its way to becoming one of the top culinary schools (and brands) in America.



Students from around the country

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