Reprogramming a strategy to reach a national audience

We set up Baker College Online to take advantage of new technologies in addressable TV.


In 2015, as more and more players entered the marketplace, Baker College had to take a serious look at their budgets to provide more support to their online school.

It was clear that Baker Online had to go national if they were going to be able to compete, but they were limited by their regional budgets.


Employ emerging technologies in Addressable TV

Working to expand Baker Online's brand to national level, we capitalize on emerging technologies to broaden their reach and ensure that their ads are seen by their target demographic.

With Addressable Television we were able to select key target markets on a national level for the same spend as regional traditional advertising.

Compelling stories, targeted messages

We developed TV spots highlighting the school's key unique selling points.

Addressable TV is a game changer for advertisers, combining the best aspects of data and targeting in the digital realm and bringing them to television.

Our clients at Baker Online can now be confident that their ads will be seen by the right people, regardless of where the student is or what they are watching.



New, quality leads delivered in the First Three Months

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