Reinventing a college online
Gazillion & One rebuilt the college website from the ground up.


A massive amount of content, a wide range of objectives and stakeholders, a diverse network of campuses and brands, and a mandate to bring it all together into a single, cohesive whole?

No problem.


Shared DNA

The key to collaboration is making sure everyone—designers, programmers, copywriters—are all working toward the same goal.

A clear and comprehensive architecture gives everyone a complete view of the project, mapping everything from the global organizaiton all the way down to each individual page and interaction.

A practical design

There's a science to good design. The proof is in how it works, not just how it looks. The design of is versatile, with page templates that work at every level of the site.

And it looks pretty good too.

The web is not the web anymore

On their phone, on their laptop, on their tablet… A student's priorities change based on whatever technology they're using at any given moment.

Baker's website is designed to adapt to both: The student's needs and the device in their hands.

A visual vocabulary

Prospective students move fast, especially online. A good site is designed to keep pace with a user's interaction and help them make connections.

Every interface element of was carefully crafted to streamline a student's visit and get them to the information the need quickly and easily.

People are using the site again. Since it launched in July 2014 (just in time for Fall enrollment), Baker's site has seen a 54% increase in new visitors.

Now nearly all maintenance requests are handled that same day, usually within a matter of minutes.

Baker remains a large organization with a lot of information to share online.

Now all that complexity is under control, current, and accessible.



Increase in Annual Traffic
7.7M Sessions per Year


Increase in New Users
2.8M Sessions per Year


Increase in Mobile/Tablet Users

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