Building and participating in a community… online

We built Baker College a social media strategy and provided the community management.


In 2007, the social media landscape was unfamiliar, unmonitored, and uncontrolled. Baker College was a little cautious about heading into such uncharted territory when we recommended it, but the opportunity to forge new connections with their students was compelling… and Gazillion & One was there to guide them every step of the way.


Get connected

In 2008 we put Baker on social media, managing their presence on a day-to-day basis as their community grew to almost 25,000 fans and followers.

Forge a connection with students

We developed a social media strategy for Baker that had, at its core, a simple principle: The school must always be genuine, human, and helpful. As the day-to-day manager of Baker's social media presence, this principle informs every decision we make, each piece of content that we share, and how we respond to every interaction.

17 locations and 200+ stakeholders

Content that supports the core mission of the college

Industrial-grade monitoring, publishing, and reporting tools

The social media landscape is constantly changing

Today, Baker's social media following is almost as large as their student body. Students, faculty, alumni, and members of the community join Baker in an ongoing conversation.

Achievements are applauded, questions are answered, and problems are solved… All in view of prospective students who can witness first hand just how much Baker cares.



Fans and followers


Ratio of Positive vs. Negative Sentiment

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